New Belgium Shift Beer Review

New Belgium Shift Beer Review

Shift Pale Lager

Pale lager [Type 51] ABV 5.0%

I tried Shift straight out of the can first. It seemed like the right thing to do. It was pretty darn good. I poured it into a glass later, and it actually did change the flavor a bit. I felt like Shift tasted a lot like Lumberyard Red in the can, but in the glass it takes on a less creamy flavor. Shift has pretty good body for a pale lager, but retains the lighter flavor profile that makes a pale lager what it is.


New Belgium Shift Pale Lager Review

Shift is a mighty fine beer. I like that you can now get good beer in cans. Cans are way easier to pack out when you are camping, and definitely easier to open. This is a light, refreshing beer, nice for a warm day, but not a really hot one. You would probably want something with less body after mowing the lawn in August, but it is still May...

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