Reversing Myopia

John Walker at Fourmilab has an interesting post on reversing myopia. John says that he has mostly been wearing reading glasses, designed to allow your eyes to focus at 40cm while the eye is at rest. He has another pair of glasses that have the same prescription, but the focus correction is at infinity. Over 11 years, his prescription has actually gotten better wearing these reading glasses. Which is saying something, because his prescription is really, really bad. Way worse than mine.

Interesting stuff. I have long been curious whether anything could alter the progression of my own myopia. Along those lines, I started to decline new prescriptions a few years ago, on the theory John mentions that each time you get a new prescription for myopia corrected at infinity, your eyes adjust and get a little worse. My eyes have mostly stopped changing at this point, but I can't really claim it was because I just stopped getting new prescriptions. However, there is enough here to start wondering whether there is a better way to do this.