Flagstaff BrewHaHa

Tonight we went to a new beer festival in Flagstaff. Like the summer Sun Sounds beer festival, this benefits charity, in this case Habitat for Humanity. It was well done, with the exception of the food. The food was included in the cost of the tickets, but the quantity was such that there was never enough. However, this festival was delightfully understated. There were never crowds inside the conference center, or long lines to get a taste of beer. The tasters were 100 mL, which is more than enough beer for me. 15 tastes were included in the price of admission. Hopefully this festival will continue in Flagstaff. Now on to the beer!

I started with Fat Tire's La Folie sour brown. I have had this beer before, so I knew I liked it.

Next was Velvet Merlin from Firestone Walker. It used to be called Velvet Merkin, but it was considered too offensive. This is an oatmeal stout [Type 49]. 5.5% ABV. It is very creamy, but has a nuttiness like their Double Barrel Ale.

Then I had San Tan Brewery's Devil's Ale. This is an American Pale Ale [Type 17]. 5.5% ABV. A nice even pale ale.

Blue Moon had their spring seasonal, Rising Moon. This is a light amber ale. [Type 44] 5.4% ABV It looks and tastes like a light lager, but with a bit more body.

There were a great many beers sampled, including:

Barrio Ben's IPA

Deschutes Greenlakes Organic

Powder Hound Winter Ale

Stone Russian Imperial Stout

Stone Arrogant Bastard

Levity Amber

Oak Creek King Crimson

Sierra Blanca Alien Amber