Bruery/Elysian/Stone La Citrueille Celeste Review

Bruery/Elysian/Stone La Citrueille Celeste Review

La Citrueille CelesteFruit [Pumpkin] Ale [Type 15] 5% ABV

Another collaboration beer from Stone. This is advertised as a pumpkin ale, but you won't find it very pumpkiny, not like Punkin Ale. You do get a bit of pumpkin pulp on the finish, on the back of your tongue, but it hides behind the hop scent on the front and the strong coriander in the middle. Maybe some ginger too. It is well balanced, the hop smell is very citrusy, but the beer itself is malty enough to compensate.

It poured a beautiful red with a fluffy white head. I had a picture of the head, but I'm playing with the camera on my my Droid 3, and I didn't like that picture.


This is a darn tasty beer. Not the thing for a true pumpkin lover [Sorry Magistra!], and the beer snobs probably won't like it either, but I think this is delicious. It has some unusual spices in it, and it is thinner and drier than a lot of pumpkin ales. I like that. My only reservation is the price. This is a pretty pricey beer. If it were cheaper I would buy it more often, but this is probably hard to make with three breweries in the mix.

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