PC vs Mac history

Via Steve Sailer, Kevin Drum has an interesting article on why Microsoft managed to dominate Apple so completely:

If everyone will indulge me in a bit of nostalgia, I want to make a broader point here. To understand why PCs beat Macs, you have to understand the era in which the battle was fought. And in that era, the 80s and early 90s, the personal computer world was controlled almost hegemonically by business customers. It's hard to overstate just how overwhelming this dominance was: corporate customers probably outnumbered home users by three or four to one, and even at that, a lot of the home users bought PCs mainly because they wanted to bring in work from the office. It was this corporate domination of the market that drove its early evolution.

Only one thing I would add. This hasn't changed a bit in twenty years. Macs are the coolest thing ever for SWPLs after Steve Jobs came back to Apple, but everyone still has a PC at work.