The beer rating scale

The beer rating scale

Beer Rating Scale

The beer rating scale used in all my reviews here is a variation of the six-pack scale: how many beers does it take before you think it tastes good? The beers that receive the highest rating on this scale may not necessarily be my favorite beers. Sometimes they are just too intense for regular consumption, or are too unusual to be enjoyed in all seasons of the year. My favorite beers are readily available, and easily drinkable. But it is important to note that all beers have their purpose, and even a beer that I rank a 5 or a 6 I can still enjoy. There are a few real stinkers out there, but I will make sure to call them out specifically.

Every beer on this website is categorized not only by my own personal rating, but also by style. I am rolling out a new organization for the reviews, and the beer articles are the first up. The ratings and styles are blog tags, so they can be found either in the Tag Cloud, or the Beer Reviews page. The ratings will go first, and then the style tags will come later.

Exquisite beer. You enjoy every drop, like a fine wine or fiery whisky.

Fine microbrews, beautiful and delicious.

Workaday beer, for enjoying every day.

Average beer. Hopefully it was on sale.

Passable, but best left to poor college students.

A bad sign. Might as well get some malt liquor.