Vienna- Day 1

*These entries will all be written by the Magistra since Ben is working and I'm just here to have fun!

Today was mostly a day of travel.  We left Flagstaff at about 12:30, which put us in Phoenix way to early for our flight, so we walked around a Mall to kill time.  Not the most exciting way to start a trip.  Once we made it to the airport, we were still really early, so we got a beer at one of the restaurants.  Finally, we're on our way. We flew British Airways, which we have flown before and liked. This time the down side was that the flight was packed and they had some trouble with the entertainment system, but the upside is free drinks!

Ben boarding the plane

We made a Muslim friend. An older lady was on her way to visit her niece in Vienna, and kept getting lost in Heathrow, so we helped her out, and kept helping her all the way to baggage clam in Vienna. She was very sweet.  Heathrow is officially the worst airport ever! We had to take three different shuttles to catch our connecting flight, which we almost missed, and our bags did miss the flight! Not to worry; they made it on the next one.

The highlight of our trip so far was dinner with a bunch of the guys from Gore.  We went to this really nice restaurant called Harry's Time.  Multiple drinks, excellent food and dessert, and some Cuban cigars later, we had an awesome time and it's only the first night!

Best chocolate cake ever!

Everyone enjoying drinks and cigars