Holmes is a Mess

Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a mess. 221B Baker St. is a complete disaster with him living there. Doyle's Holmes seemed more like a dapper, reserved, proper gentleman, while Downey's Holmes is disagreeable and a bit of a mad scientist.

Pretty much the epitome of low-C high-g highly creative personality. I decided to give this Holmes the Big 5 test to see how he did:

Sherlock Holmes is a O96-C10-E97-A0-N27 Big Five!!

This seems pretty accurate, although you would need to drill down some more to really get at Downey's character. For example, his Holmes has about zero conscientiousness in terms of neatness and personal hygiene, but he can make plans and follow through on them [they are just often ill-considered plans]. The zeroth percentile Agreeableness score is spot on though.