Son of Rambow Movie Review

Son of Rambow

Written and Directed by Garth Jennings
Starring Neil Dudgeon, Bill Milner, Jessica Hynes, and Will Poulter

A With Both Hands Mini-Review

Son of Rambow was a cute movie, but a little sad. I found it very evocative of the kind of fun a couple of boys can have, and also of how terrible kids can be to one another. I enjoyed the English Public School parody, and the ridiculousness of the whole enterprise. A fun movie, worth watching.

I don't know a great deal about the Plymouth Brethren, so I cannot say whether their lives are truly as joyless as the movie protrays them. I do know that John Nelson Darby, one of the founders of the Brethren, did have one idea that managed to become popular. He is the founder of dispensational millennialism, and the idea of a rapture is his. This concept did not appear in Christian thought before the 1830s.

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