From the Vault

Recently, I bought the Chronological Donald Volume 4 from Disney. There are some of my favorite Donald Duck cartoons on that DVD, ones that I watched over and over growing up. However, there are also Donald Duck cartoons "from the Vault" on these DVDs. I'm guessing this is a feature of all the Chronological collections from Disney. These are basically cartoons that Disney would no longer show in public because they are un-PC in one way or another. As noted in Diane Ravitch's Language Police, corporate PC is relentlessly non-partisan. Included in the Vault on this volume are one cartoon featuring cannibal pygmies, and another mocking hunters.

From Eric Scheske at the Daily Eudemon, here are the Bugs Bunny un-PC cartoons that have been suppressed by Warner Brothers. Like Disney, WB are concerned with the bottom line, and are afraid of offending anyone, right or left, because of the existence of pressure groups that threaten boycotts at the least provocation.

The Family Social Scientist noted that one rarely sees Speedy Gonzales cartoons anymore, and I can remember when Yosemite Sam cartoons had much of the gunplay edited out. My childhood went down the memory hole.