The Real Reason Top Gear is Popular

I read this and just laughed.

the average episode of Top Gear will feature a shiny new auto being taken through its paces on a test track or road test, and the trio of presenters discussing auto news, setting out on some auto-centred challenge, or hosting a celebrity who gets to tear around the show's own track in a dull little four-door car. The presenters will rhapsodize over the precise number of Vs or litres in its engine, and make a point of talking about how quickly it goes from "naught to 60," and pointedly omit talking about fuel economy. But if you think Top Gear is about cars, you're sadly mistaken.

I also liked this article by the man himself. I've often had thoughts like that myself. As for the reason an American Top Gear with Adam Carolla didn't work, Carolla always kind of struck me as a pussy. I can't see Carolla roughing up punk ass kids.

h/t Rick McGinnis