Bioshock Review Posted

I finally finished the Bioshock review! It is excessively long, so I will not be offended if you don't want to read it. I simply had a great deal to say about this game. It was actually referred to as a "thinking man's FPS". It is worthy of the title. I felt Bioshock was an excellent illustration of the millenarian impulse. I was actually glad to have read Spe Salvi before I played this game, because Pope Benedict spoke of how our highest aspirations can become twisted when they lack their proper object.

A couple of very interesting interviews were given by Ken Levine, the Creative Director for Bioshock. The game displayed some moral depth and subtlety that I had not expected, but it was clearly intended. Don't read my review or the second interview if actually want to play the game. In order talk about what I wanted to talk about, I basically gave the whole game away.

As to the reason why I thought so much about a videogame, here is a interview with one of my favorite Jesuits, Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. I found something profitable in Bioshock.

Question #18: "Is there a book that no one should read? Are there any books that you have read, but will never be read again?"

Schall: Of course there are books that no one will find much in them. I once had a course from the great Austrian philosopher and doctor, Rudolf Allers. He said that we should always be reading novels, even bad ones. We will always find in them something that is profitable to us. I think this is true. Even in the case of pornography, we should know what is going on there if only to know why it is so available. The worst books are very often revealing, if we know what we are looking for."