CoorsAmerican Adjunct Lager 5.0% ABV

Coors is a pale golden yellow, with a fairly thin head and minimal hops. I suppose the best way to describe the taste is beery. In much the same way as grape soda can in some ways taste more like grapes than grapes themselves do, Coors tastes like beer, and that is about it.

Coors is not the best selling of the mass-produced American lagers, but it certainly is one of the big ones. Coors is called an adjunct lager because of the use of grains besides malt in the brewing process, such as corn or rice. This practice arose during World War II because of the war-rationing, but it has proved popular and profitable enough that it has continued to the present day, with many of the most popular brands throughout the world being brewed in this fashion.

How can I hate what so many people like? There is certainly a cost-element in the popularity of brands like Coors and Budweiser, but a great many people throughout the world find this style of beer refreshing. The trendy beers these days definitely have more pronounced, complex flavors. The fashion these days is for really intense hops, probably even to excess. I expect this too shall pass. I like hops too, but damn. Hopefully a more moderate hoppiness will prevail.

Beers like Coors have been pretty much the same for a long time. As a statistician once noted, breweries pride themselves on consistency, and the big brands are really really good at keeping the beer tasting the same over the years. This is no mean feat. Particularly at the volumes they produce.


I enjoyed this beer right out of the can. There is something fun about popping open a can of beer, even though the flavor of canned beer is quite different than bottled beer. Even Fat Tire tastes a little tinny in a can. But the real question is: how good does it taste? The essential question for the six-pack scale I use is how many beers do you have to drink before it starts to taste good. A clear weakness [or feature] of this scale is everything starts to taste good after you drink enough. After extensive research, I decided to give Coors 4 bottles, because I don't drink it for the taste, but I don't look down on it because of that. I actually like this beer, and can appreciate it for what it is.

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