Powers: A Novel

By John B. Olson
$14.99; 390 pages

A With Both Hands Mini-Review

I received this book for free as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program.

I tried to read this book. I really did. I think I am just not the intended audience for this book. Try as I might, I could not even get past the first chapter. So, I gave up. Bear this in mind.

This book was difficult for me to read because of its style. It had a very strained attempt at what I assume is Creole dialect in the beginning. I'm guessing from the setting of the book because I am unable to tell what dialect is actually intended. The first chapter also seemed terribly overwrought. I actually thought the same thing about another book I received from the Early Reviewers program that I ended up liking, so I flipped through the rest of the book. It seemed much the same. I was also nonplussed to discover this book is marketed as a Christian thriller. I am not actually opposed to this in principle. I just don't like it when it is done so poorly.

Catholic authors I think write well and can recommend are Tim Powers and Ralph McInerny, if one is inclined to look for fiction that is philosophically and theologically astute. I am certain I would not give this book to my children to read.

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