New Belgium Belgo Beer Review

New Belgium Belgo

Belgian Style IPA [Type 6 and Type 30] 7% ABV

This beer is exactly what it says, an IPA that tastes Belgian. As you can see from the picture, it developed a massive fluffy head in a tulip glass. The citrusy hops just fly out of those bubbles! The beer is a rich golden orange, slightly thick like a Trippel, with a hint of sweetness.


Pretty damn tasty. The extra malts of the Belgian style help balance the massive hops, making this a pretty good, but pretty hoppy beer.

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Beer Club, California Youngberg Edition

We are out in California for Christmas, and I had the chance to try several beers for Christmas. We purchased a bottle of Samuel Adams Infinium, the new champagne beer produced in collaboration with Weihenstephan. We were given a bottle of Heritage 100 2010 from BJ's Breweries. We also enjoyed a glass of BJ's Grand Cru 2011. 

Samuel Adams Weihenstephan InfiniumSam Adams and Weihenstephan set out to create an entirely new type of beer. This beer is brewed under the restrictions of the Reinheitsgebot, only water, barley, hops, and yeast. A second fermentation is used to add carbonation, like champagne, so the beer has has the dry crispness typical of champagne. 10.3% ABV. Slightly sweet, with a slight wet dog scent. The taste is amazing. I would recommend this beer for almost anyone. Well worth $20. 1 beer.

BJ's Heritage 100A small batch beer from BJs Breweries. This was given to me by a relative who works for BJs. The beer is fresh hopped, so unlike previous editions it cannot be aged. The scent is wet dog up front, and ends up citrusy. This is a golden ale, think of a watered down trippel. Less body, less hops. 5.7% ABV. Three beers.

BJ's Grand CruWe enjoyed the BJ's Annual Grand Cru at BJ's Restaurant. This is the 2011 version, 10.0% ABV. A Belgian Gold Ale, it is sweet and spicy, exceptionally delicious. I ate BJ's open face chili cheeseburger with this, and found it an excellent combination. 1 beer.

Witches Brew Beer Review

Brouwerij Van Steenberge Witches BrewBelgian Golden Ale [Type 6] 9.3% ABV

A very hoppy Trippel. Witches Brew has a vigorous head, one that requires several minutes to fall. This may or may not have been encouraged by the bottle dropping on the Magistra's toe on Thanksgiving. Sorry hon. Spicy, with a thick, sticky body.


A respectable trippel. I wouldn't go out of my way to drink it, but I wouldn't say no either.

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Aflligem Trippel Review

Affligem TrippelBelgian Trippel [Type 6], 9.5% ABV

An abbey-ale from Belgium, Affligem is a trippel, the sweet golden monk beer. It has a thick, creamy head and intense yeasty aromas. Slightly murky from the yeast. The flavor hits your tongue all at once, at first tingy, then almost numbing. It is spicy, with some banana esters in the finish. Thick on the tongue, increasingly so as it warms.


An excellent trippel. Not as good as my favorite, but an excellent beer nonetheless. Full of flavor, good bite, worth sipping as you sit and chat.

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