Negro Nitron Beer Review

San Tan Negro Nitron

Cascadian Dark Ale/Black IPA [Type 30] 7.3% ABV

I'm loving the nitro beers. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro is a winner, and so is this. Using Nitrogen as a pressurizer instead of Carbon Dioxide  produces a smoother, less bitter beer. This pairs well with stouts and porters, but I think the Cascadian Dark style is a good choice too. Left Hand has a trade secret on the process used to nitro beer in a bottle without a widget, but you can get a nitro beer anywhere that has the proper equipment for it. I had this one at San Tan's brew pub in Chandler, and it was worth the trip.


San Tan Negro Nitron Review

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Rhinelander Boatswain Double IPA Review

Rhinelander Boatswain Double IPA

Double IPA [Type 30] 8.4% ABV

This was a left-over from Strong Beer month at Beer Club. I am not familiar with Rhinelander, so I was uncertain what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. As an IPA curmudgeon, I tend to be skeptical of all things IPA. In this case, I found a nice beer with good flavor. More beers like this could make me a fan of IPAs.

As you can see in the picture, this is a pretty dark IPA. The hops aren't actually that strong either, I think Lumberyard's IPA has more IBUs than this double IPA. The hops that are present are pleasant fruity ones. On the whole, a pretty sweet beer. IPAs are often sweet underneath the bitterness. Since this one lacks bitterness, the sweetness comes to the fore.


Rhinelander Boatswain Double IPA Rating

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New Belgium Snow Day Ale Review

New Belgium Snow Day

Dark IPA [Type ] 6.2% ABV

This is New Belgium's dark IPA or cascadian dark ale. Among beers of this style, I think I like the Beaver Street version better. The beer is quite dark, but the hops dominate completely. You smell hops, you taste hops, and the finish is hops. The feel is pretty light, nicely carbonated.


My preference is for more balance in the force, I mean the hops. I like dark IPAs with a bit more malt, but that's just me.

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New Belgium Belgo Beer Review

New Belgium Belgo

Belgian Style IPA [Type 6 and Type 30] 7% ABV

This beer is exactly what it says, an IPA that tastes Belgian. As you can see from the picture, it developed a massive fluffy head in a tulip glass. The citrusy hops just fly out of those bubbles! The beer is a rich golden orange, slightly thick like a Trippel, with a hint of sweetness.


Pretty damn tasty. The extra malts of the Belgian style help balance the massive hops, making this a pretty good, but pretty hoppy beer.

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Stone Mogul Madness Review

Stone Mogul Madness

Dark IPA [Type 30] 6.6% ABV

The Magistra bought this for me at McGaugh's Smoke and Bottle. It is pretty similar to the Beaver Street Cascadian Dark Ale, and the man at the store said he sold the head brewer this very beer [among others] when he was thinking of making the Cascadian dark.

This is hoppier than the Cascadian dark [no surprise]. The hops are strong pine and floral scents as soon as you pour it. The flavor is quite bitter. Not too much, but I like the Beaver Street version better. Sorry, local perference.


A good beer, but hoppier than I would want it. But, if you love you some Cascadian hops, this is really the beer for you!

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Stone Bombers

I enjoyed some Stone Bombers with my friend Owen a couple weeks back, so here are some tasting notes.

Stone Old Guardian

Old Guardian is a barleywine [Type 64]. ABV 12%. Like most barleywines, it is thick and rich. As a Stone offering, it is more hoppy than many barleywines. However, malt is very strong in barleywines, often with strong yeasty flavors, although usually different than Belgian yeastiness. I note that Stone did make a Belgian version of this beer this year. The hops are herbal rather than floral or fruity.

Stone Sublimely Self RighteousSublimely Self-Righteous is another dark IPA or Cascadian dark ale [Type 30]. 8.7% ABV. Lots of fruity hops and some roasted malt flavors. Dark enough to stick a fork in. Not bad, but I'll take the Beaver St Cascadian Dark Ale over this any day.


Beaver Street Brewery Cascadian Dark Ale Review

Lumberyard Cascadian Dark Ale

Dark IPA [Type 30] 5.8% ABV

Pacific Northwest Hops along with roasted flavors make this a dark or black india pale ale. Not quite black, but a pretty dark ale nonetheless. A beautiful pour, dark brown with a beautiful white head.


This was a really good beer! I liked it immensely. The greater malt content balances the hops nicely. The toasted and caramel flavors combine with piney hops for a truly delicious experience. Worth a look.

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Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Review

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

IPA [Type 30] 6.8% ABV

Another beer gift from Owen and Aza. Pretty hoppy, as all of Sierra Nevada's offerings tend to be. I did enjoy it however. It was sweeter and maltier than a lot of IPAs, with a hint of spice but not too much.


I enjoyed this beer but I wouldn't seek it out. Those who like their beer hoppy will be pleased, and many of the rest of you should like it too. A good winter rendition of the IPA.

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Beer Club August 2010

Pale Ales

LineupPintThe pale ale isn't necessarily pale, it is called so in distinction with the porter, the other common style in England. The use of malts with less color makes the pale ale less dark than a porter, but usually darker than a pilsner.

As an ale, they are made with top-fermenting yeast. The style originated in Burton-upon-Trent, a city known for its hard water. The preeminent pale ale from Burton-upon-Trent is Bass. The minerals in the water gave the beer its flavor, and later a process known as Burtonization was developed to allow for the same flavors in beer brewed in other locations.


Oak Creek Pale Ale

An American Pale Ale [Type 17], which tends to be maltier and much hoppier than the English Pale Ales, Oak Creek Pale Ale is amber colored, with a significant piney hop taste. 5.5% ABV. 3 beers.

Reaper Deathly Pale Ale

Dark orange, and a little hazy. Has a sour, Belgian finish. Surprisingly sweet for a pale ale. 6.2% ABV. 4 beers.

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale

This is my favorite of the bunch. It is an old school English Pale Ale [Type 10], more like a porter because of the cocoa flavors from the malt. Very drinkable beer. 5.0% ABV, 2 beers.

Poleeko Gold Pale Ale

A California beer, it is strong on the hops, with a smell like stale beer. 5.5% ABV, 5 beers.

Four Peaks 8th Street Ale

An Arizona classic, 8th Street Ale is the flagship brew from Four Peaks. It is citrusy, something I had never noticed before. As a milder Pale Ale, it is considered an English [Type 10]. It has a bit of a soapy finish. 4.5% ABV, 3 beers.

Boddington's Pub Ale

Boddington's Pub AleA traditional pub ale, Boddington's is clear and smooth, the kind of beer you can just keep on drinking all day. We had the can with the nitrogen capsule, so it had a nice creamy head on it. Light in color and flavor, goes down easy. 4.7% ABV, 2 beers.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Another moderately hopped pale ale. 5.0% ABV

Nimbus Pale Ale

Nimbus is a very pale pale ale. Light on color and flavor. 5.5% ABV

Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale

A bit of a blended style, Ballast Point Yellowtail is an ale that is lagered. It is a Kölsch [Type 55] more than a pale ale, but they label it as the latter. Very sweet, I don't think I could drink too many. 4.6% ABV, 5 beers.

Rogue Juniper Pale Ale

I couldn't really taste the juniper, but that may not be the beer's fault at this point in the evening.

Two Hearted Ale

A couple of IPAs snuck in at the end, which is okay since in this part of the queue you aren't all that selective anymore, and the IPA hops cannot affect the more delicate flavors of the earlier beers.

I reviewed Two Hearted Ale in January of 2010.

Modus Hoperandi

OMG! That is hoppy! This is a quote, and everyone insisted I write down what I said, so there it is. Modus Hoperandi is one of those punch you in the face kinds of IPAs. It has an intense hop aroma and equally intense flavor. 6.8% ABV, 4 beers.

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Two Hearted Ale Review

Two Hearted Ale

Bell's Brewery Two Hearted AleIndia Pale Ale 7.0% ABV

I got this beer at my 30th birthday party from one of my coworkers whose birthday was the day before. Two Hearted Ale has an impressive floral bouquet, it is the first thing I noticed when I took a drink. The head is short but thick, and it is well-carbonated. The beer is golden with a hint of rose.


The floral character of the hops used in this beer is more pronounced than in many IPAs. I think I like it better than the standard IPA for that reason. I don't dislike IPAs per se, but I am contrary by nature, so I am inclined a bit against them just because they are so popular these days.

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