Miller Genuine Draft 64 Beer Review

Miller Genuine Draft 64

Light Lager ABV 2.8%

Well. What can I say. I bought some of this beer for a friend who is on a diet, and I turned to it in desparation when I just wanted a quick beer. I should have opened up the Corsendonk, but there you go. It is cheap, but the flavor/cost ratio is poor. Natty Light is a better deal. In fact, it really ought to be drunk after something better. I tried a couple of these straight, and they have a really terrible metallic aftertaste.

If calories or carbs are what matter to you, go for it. I would rather drop the whole Fatkins thing and just do a respectable workout like CrossFit and stop worrying about carbs, but I'm already skinny, so what do I know?


This was one of the worst beers I have ever had. I could not recommend it in good faith to anyone. God help us all.


Made in the Shade 2009

Made in the Shade Beer Festival

June 20, 2009

The beers are listed in order of tasting, so the effect of increasing concentrations of EtOH can be taken into account.

1. Coopers Lager, ABV 5.0%, pretty light, would be good if it were really hot, but rather tasteless.

2. Barrio Razzbery. The Magistra Scientia really liked this one, it was good, not too sweet.

3. Baltika Dark Lager, ABV 5.6%, a very nice dark lager, flavorful without being too heavy. 

4. Moosehead Lager, more of a palate cleanser than anything else. I really do just buy this when it's on sale.

5. Sam Adams Hardcore cider, light and refreshing, with just a little bit of tartness.

6. Spaten Optimator, a double bock, ABV 7.2%. One of my favorites.

7. Warsteiner, German pilsener, ABV 4.8%. Another favorite of mine.

8. Old World Brewery Nitro Blonde. Truly nasty, I don't know whether I had a bad batch or it was just really terrible. I actually poured this on the ground.

9. Carlsberg, Danish pale lager, 5% ABV. 

I stopped giving ratings at this point, anything that wasn't awful tended to taste pretty good.

10. Golden Pheasant, Slovak pilsener. Crisp is the best word to describe it.

11. Barrio Copperhead

12. Sam Adams Hardcore

13. Sam Adams Blackberry Wheat

14. Gordon Biersch Marzen

15. Big Sky Summer Honey

16. Pyramid Thunderhead

17. Fox Barrel Pear Cider

18. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, very strong vanilla flavor.

19. Oak Creek King Crimson

20. Fox Barrel Apple Cider

Beer Club November 2010

Brown Ales

November 2010 Lineup

Brown ales originate in England. The original brown ale style is made from 100% brown malt. There is some difference between American brown ales [Type 33] and English brown ales [Type 47], with the American styles tending to be drier and hoppier.

New Belgium La Folie

Although labeled by New Belgium as a Sour Brown, this beer is very much like the Flanders Red [Type 28], a sour, fruity beer. Nearly everyone did not like this beer, but I loved it. The intense sourness coated your tongue with an aftertaste of vinegar and sour cherries. A very unusual beer. 1 beer/6 beers. 6.0% ABV.

Boddington's Pub Ale

Not a brown ale, but an English Pale Ale, we used this to cleanse our palates after the Flanders Red.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle is one of the most widely distributed English Brown Ales. 4.7% ABV. A lighter brown ale, Newcastle is a sweet malty beer, easily drinkable and easy to find too. 3 beers.

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar

The Magistra's favorite of the moment. Rogue's Hazelnut Brown is an intensely full, nutty beer. It has tastes of chocolate that make it taste like Rocky Road ice cream. Our host favored this beer as well. 6.2% ABV. 1 beer.


This beer tasted like apples and malt. Very thick, much like a barleywine. This is a Belgian dark ale [Type 29]. 9.5% ABV. 1 beer. A host favorite.

Mountain Standard Reserve

Sweet and foamy with an intense burst of flavor as it hits your tongue. 8.5% ABV. Pretty expensive for the taste. 3 beers.


Aged in oak barrels, this beer tastes like Kentucky bourbon. Not as popular due to the oakiness, but it has a sweet finish like pineapples. 3 beers. 10.0% ABV.

Humboldt Brown

A hippie beer brewed with hemp. This actually isn't that unusual, because hops are a member of the Cannabaceae family anyway. 5.7% ABV. Good flavor, but nothing special. 3 beers.

Session Black

A black lager or schwarzbier [Type 53], Session Black is a smooth dark beer with little hops and intense malty sweetness. 3 beers. 5.4% ABV

Moose Drool

A drier brown, with cocoa notes. 5.1% ABV

Bitch Creek

An ESB [Type 45], this beer starts bitter but finishes sweet. 6.0% ABV

Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale

5.0% ABV

Lost Coast Raspberry Brown

A rather weak tasting beer, the raspberry was not backed up by anything more substantial. 5 beers. 6.5% ABV

Abita Pecan Harvest

5.0% ABV. Another host favorite.

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Pilsner glassThe pilsner defines beer for most of the world today. It is a recent style of beer, invented in the 19th century in Bohemia by applying the pale ale techniques to the existing lager style. Lagering is the storage of beer at low temperature, allowing slow-acting lager yeast to ferment the beer. Lagers were first developed sometime after the middle ages, but the pilsner quickly became the most popular in the world due to its light flavor, golden color, and low cost. The biggest sales volume beer in the world, Budweiser, is a pilsner-style, but it can be considered an adjunct lager because other grains are used to brew it.

Pilsners are named after the town of Pilzen, now part of the Czech Republic. They are traditionally served in tall skinny glasses with a slight taper, the better to create lots of bubbles that form a dense white head. This allows the scent of the pilsner to build while drinking.


Simpler Times

Simpler Times

Simpler Times is the 2 Buck Chuck of beer, and that is an insult to 2 Buck Chuck. A german pilsner [Type 23] at 5.5% ABV it has a lot of punch, but the flavor is just, strange.... Buttery is the dominant flavor, with some strange bitterness in the finish.

I could not in good conscience recommend this beer to anyone. It was terrible. I opened a can and could not finish it. That is unusual for me, and a good indication of just how bad this beer really is. 6 beer rating. I would give it less if I could.


Karlovacko is a Czech or Bohemian Pilsner [Type 37]. 5.0% ABV. Pretty similar to Pilsner Urquell. 3 beers.


A german pilsner [Type 23], 4.4% ABV. An excellent example of the style, it is golden and clear with a pure white head. Clean dry finish, very tasty. 2 beers.

Port Brewing Panzer Imperial Pilsner

Very hoppy. Unusual for a pilsner, there is a strong piney hop flavor. As an imperial, it has 9.5% ABV. This is really a craft beer modification of the pilsner style that adds a massive dose of hops to increase alcohol and bitterness. Not really all that good. 4 beers.


A polish beer, with a bit of a medicinal flavor. 5.2% I like the Okocim brand, they make some pretty good stuff, so a solid 3 beers.

Coney Island Albino Python

Part of the lager group rather than the pilsners, Albino Python has a bit of the wit bier about it because of the spices, lots of ginger in this beer. Pretty tasty, albeit unusual. 3 beers. 6.0% ABV.

Samuel Smith's Organic Lager

Tastes a lot like Rolling Rock. Another lager [Type 12] 5.0% ABV, pretty bland really. I like rolling rock, but I suppose I expect something different when I get an organic craft beer. 4 beers.

St. Pauli's Girl

A german pilsner [Type 23], 4.9% ABV. A standard pilsner that you can find in just about any grocery store. It has the typical German yeasts, light body and flavor, and is really pretty drinkable. 3 beers.


This is a Lebanese beer, german pilsner [Type 23]. 4% ABV. Not bad, not great. Probably not worth paying extra for, but it tasted fine. 3 beers.


A fine german pilsner [Type 23], Stiegl has 4.9% ABV. Clean, crisp, unadorned. The Austrians did a good job. 2 beers.

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