Miller Genuine Draft 64 Beer Review

Miller Genuine Draft 64

Light Lager ABV 2.8%

Well. What can I say. I bought some of this beer for a friend who is on a diet, and I turned to it in desparation when I just wanted a quick beer. I should have opened up the Corsendonk, but there you go. It is cheap, but the flavor/cost ratio is poor. Natty Light is a better deal. In fact, it really ought to be drunk after something better. I tried a couple of these straight, and they have a really terrible metallic aftertaste.

If calories or carbs are what matter to you, go for it. I would rather drop the whole Fatkins thing and just do a respectable workout like CrossFit and stop worrying about carbs, but I'm already skinny, so what do I know?


This was one of the worst beers I have ever had. I could not recommend it in good faith to anyone. God help us all.