Holger Danske

Holger Danske

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    Philosophy With Both Hands

    In general, I am a Thomist. I took St. Thomas Aquinas as my master in philosophy, on the grounds that his work seemed to make a great deal more sense than anything else I had ever read.  Which is not to say that everything of Aquinas' I ever read made sense, just that it evinced more sense.  Like Aquinas, I also have a great love for Aristotle, although unlike many Thomists, I also respect the work of Plato. For a time, it was traditional for Thomists to take Aristotle's criticisms of Plato uncritically, but following the lead of Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., I have come to appreciate Plato.

    Another modern philosopher who has influenced me is Ralph McInerny. Dr. McInerny started the International Catholic University, through which I am currently enrolled at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. I had heard of St. Thomas Aquinas before, but it was through the works of McInerny that I really began to understand what it meant to be a Thomist, and I wanted to know more.

    Two more contemporary philosophers of note are James Franklin and Edward Feser. Both are philosophers within a broadly Aristotelian tradition whose work I have read and enjoyed.

    My journal entries on philosophy can be found here.

    Classes at International Catholic University/Holy Apostles College and Seminary

    DL 039 The Science Before Science

    DL 024 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

    DL 32 Logic

    DL 010 Natural Law

    DL 015 Philosophy of Human Nature

    DL 020 Philosophy of Nature