Holger Danske

Holger Danske

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    Latin With Both Hands

    I have long wanted to study Latin. I finally found my excuse when I was asked to serve as an acolyte for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (that's Traditional Latin Mass for the rest of y'all). I am working my way through the Latinum podcast, created by Evan der Millner. This invovles a really old grammar text(hence free), and loads of lessons recorded by Millner. Nice, because you can put it on your iPod.

    My books in and about Latin.

    Latin Resources

    Latinum Podcast

    Fr. Coulter's Latin Links and Resources

    Latin Lover Podcast by Fr. Reginald Foster

    Treasury of Latin Prayers

    Latin in the family

    This is my paternal grandmother's marriage record from St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington. We actually only found out about this marriage after my grandmother passed away, nobody knew until we found an old picture.

    Marriage Record of Thelma Windsor and Richard Donovan