Stone Bombers

I enjoyed some Stone Bombers with my friend Owen a couple weeks back, so here are some tasting notes.

Stone Old Guardian

Old Guardian is a barleywine [Type 64]. ABV 12%. Like most barleywines, it is thick and rich. As a Stone offering, it is more hoppy than many barleywines. However, malt is very strong in barleywines, often with strong yeasty flavors, although usually different than Belgian yeastiness. I note that Stone did make a Belgian version of this beer this year. The hops are herbal rather than floral or fruity.

Stone Sublimely Self RighteousSublimely Self-Righteous is another dark IPA or Cascadian dark ale [Type 30]. 8.7% ABV. Lots of fruity hops and some roasted malt flavors. Dark enough to stick a fork in. Not bad, but I'll take the Beaver St Cascadian Dark Ale over this any day.


Beer Club January 2011

Strong Ales

This month's theme was beers of greater than 10.0% alcohol by volume. This means lots of flavor and thick mouthfeel. There are a number of styles that find their way into this category. There are barleywines, Belgian ales, and imperial styles that have extremely high alcohol contents. Barleywines can be aged, hence the name. Their flavors vary widely, it is an old style of beer, but expect a thick, heavy beer. Dubbels, Trippels, and Golden Ales tend to be strong due to the amount of malt used. Imperial [or double] styles are double doses of whatever goes into them. You can have an imperial anything, but the prototypical example is the imperial stout. We see a few Christmas ales as well.

Strong Ale Lineup 1Strong Ale Lineup 2

Old RuffianOld Ruffian Barleywine [Type 64] was the first tasting of the night. Brewed by the Great Divide Brewing company in Colorado. It is a red beer, very hoppy 90 IBUs. But the hops are sweet instead of bitter, with melon flavors. The hops balance the thickness of the beer well. 1 beer. 10.2% ABV








2010 Reserve Boardhead2010 Reserve Boardhead Barleywine [Type 64]. This is from Full Sail. Much drier than the Old Ruffian. There is a sharpness to the beer you can feel on the sides of your tongue. A very good beer, 1 beer. 9.0% ABV








Imperial Stout Homebrew

We enjoyed an imperial stout brewed by one of the beer club members. It was an excellent example of the style. So dark it is almost black. Tastes of brown sugar, roasted malts, and celery. Brewed using 9# dark malt extract, 1/2# chocolate malt, 1/4# crystal malt, and 2 oz of hops of an indecipherable variety. Thanks for sharing!

Mikkeller BlackMikkeller Black 黒 is an Imperial Stout [Type 36]. Anything with Imperial modifying it is usually hoppier, stronger, or sweeter version of the original. Sometimes this is taken to extremes. This is definitely a case of that. Mikkeller Black is one of the strongest beers I have ever seen in person. It pours like used motor oil, slow, black,and thick. It has a sharp flavor. Coats the tongue. This would be a great topping on vanilla ice cream. It has a roasted-coffee flavor, better than I expected for the alcohol. It is more like a liqueur, something to sip after dinner. 17.5% ABV, 1 beer rating.






Le FreakLe Freak by Green Flash. A western take on the Belgian Golden Ale style. Quite hoppy, lots of grapefruit flavors. But a balanced beer. The malts and hops were balanced. 1 beer. 9.2% ABV









Cuvee van de Keizer Blau

Cuvee van de Keizer Blauw. This is my undisputed favorite of the evening. Oh. My. Goodness. This beer tastes like candied apples. Caramel and green apples. A Belgian Dark Ale [Type 29]. 11.0% ABV. 

This beer is brewed for the birthday of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.  Charles V was Emperor during a crucial time for Europe. The Turks were first defeated at Vienna in 1529, giving Central Europe relief from the unstoppable advance of the Ottoman Empire. This was also the time of the Council of Trent and the Counter-Reformation. Charles was a contemporary of Henry VIII, and Catherine of Aragon's nephew.  



Three PhilosophersThree Philosophers Quadrupel. 9.8% ABV. Like a Trippel, but more so. A blend of Kriek and Belgian Dark Ale.








Double Bastard Ale. A Stone Brewery Beer. 11.2% ABV. A sweet, hoppy beer.

Delirium Noel Delirium Noel, Belgian Dark Ale [Type 29] 10% ABV. A Christmas version of Delirium Nocturnum. Tastes like sweet cherries.

Hairy Eyeball. From Lagunitas, 9.0% ABV.










Hairy Eyeball Lagunitas 9.0% ABV

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn Review

Anchor Brewing Company Old Foghorn

Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn

Barleywine Style Ale 8.8% ABV
Type 64 Beeriodic Table

Old Foghorn is my first barleywine style ale, which is a very strong and thick beer. It reminded me of a Belgian in this, with a different finish. I could taste the yeast, but not nearly to the extent of a Dubbel or Trippel. This beer is well-rounded, hearty, heavy, even just a little fruity. Quite potent too.


I really liked Old Foghorn. It says right on the bottle that it is good for sipping after dinner, and I heartily agree. I found it very relaxing to drink, and I was very satisfied after drinking one.


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