New Belgium Clutch Dark Sour Ale Review

New Belgium Clutch Dark Sour Ale

[Type 42, 48, 49] 9% ABV

New Belgium calls this a dark sour ale, which may bring to mind visions of the other New Belgium Lips of Faith sour beer, La Folie, but they couldn't be more different. La Folie is sour like a SweetTart, but Clutch just has a hint of sour to fight the malts. Clutch tastes like a really rich porter, coffee and chocolate and heavy, but the sour really makes this beer shine. I just couldn't stop drinking it. Which is bad, because it is 9% alcohol.


One of the best beers I have had all year. You know a beer is good when you have to beat the pregant lady off it.

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Oud Bruin [Type 42] Flemish Style Sour Ale 7.0% ABV

Ahh, sour beers. How do I love you? This is an Oud Bruin, an old brown ale. It is called old because it is aged for up to a year. During the aging process, the characteristic sour flavor develops from secondary fermentation. This style is less sour than the Flanders Red, another sour Belgian. 

This beer had a beautiful ruby color. It was lovely to see the light shining through it. The head was thin. I had expected more, but I don't know how long this bottle sat on a shelf before I found it. The beer was sour, but less so than several I have had. It is a little sweet too, a taste of cherries.


I liked it, but I've had better. I think I prefer the Flanders Red style of sour beer a bit more. This is the first example of this style I have tried, so I should try a few more before I settle on that opinion, but I like a bit more sour in my sour beer. This beer was understated, muted. A good beer, but not amazing.

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