CrossFit 2010-02-17

I couldn't do my regularly scheduled CrossFit last night, so tonight I practiced the snatch again. I practiced the motion with the lightest bar  [7.5 kg] until I felt good about it, and then I put on 2.5 kg plates, and practiced again. Once I had it down, I just snatched the bar, and did a descending pyramid of overhead squats.


For only lifting 12.5 kg overall, I'm pretty sore already. But I like that.

CrossFit 2010-02-08

Not actually a class tonight, I have other commitments Tuesday night, so I decided to go in and practice my snatch today. There were a couple of other lifters there tonight who gave me lots of good advice. I'm very grateful!

I spent about half-an-hour working on my form, I had to keep using less and less weight until I could actually do it right, then I did a bunch of snatches. I think I'm going to be epically sore tomorrow, mostly because I'm already sore.