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Holger Danske

Holger Danske

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    Entries from December 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010


    Caedmon's Hymn


    Be Safe this Christmas


    American Education System Shines in International Competition

    That isn't the headline you probably saw, but it really is true. The problem is that demography matters. Once this is understood, many things become clear. Thankfully, Tino at Super-Economy has done us the hard work of breaking down PISA scores by country of origin, comparing European Americans with Europeans.

    Demographically Adjusted PISA Scores 2009

    When you look at things this way, one can see that Americans tend to do as well or often better than their cousins who stayed home.

    Tino has positive comments about the American school system, although I might disagree that having more expensive textbooks makes for better schools. However, there really is not an overall performance problem for American schools as measured by tests like PISA. I suspect we could get the same or better results for less money, but a fundamental obstacle is accepting that demography matters.


    CrossFit 2010-12-23

    Longest Mile

    • 1/4 mile run
    • 70 yard lunge lap
    • 1/4 mile run
    • 25 kettlebell swings
    • 1/4 mile run
    • 25 air squats
    • 1/4 mile run

    Time 14:43


    CrossFit 2010-12-21

    Double reverse tabata

    • Run for 20 seconds at 8% grade
    • 40 seconds rest
    • 20 seconds of pushups
    • 40 seconds rest

    Score is minimum speed plus minimum number of pushups. 

    8 MPH + 10 pushups 


    CrossFit 2010-12-20

    Deads & Dips

    Three rounds

    • 10 Deadlifts
    • 10 Ring dips

    Total tonnage: 700 + 900 + 800 = 2300 kg

    Finish with 30 hang power cleans [40 kg]





    Today was the reopening of Bookmans in Flagstaff. The roof fell in almost a year ago due to the snowpocalypse, and the rebuilding and renovation was delayed considerably. Bookmans is one of my favorite stores, so I am happy to see it open again.

    While we were in the store, we met Bob, the owner of Bookmans. Bob is a kind and funny man, and we enjoyed talking with him. He was very interested to learn about the engineering of medical devices, and he told me that he was going to be a mechanical engineer before he founded Bookmans.

    We also met Bob's wife Amie Sue. Amie has a raw foods business, Nouveau Raw. Bob offered to let us try a raw food peanut butter cookie. The Magistra doesn't normally like peanut butter cookies, but this one was really good! I recommend you try them if you find yourself in Bookmans. I admit I would normally have been leery of raw food, but this cookie was amazing. It is also dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free. I don't know how you can make a cookie taste so good without all those things, but there it is.


    CrossFit 2010-12-16

    Miracle Mile

    3 rounds of:

    • Run 1/4 mile
    • 15 pullups
    • 30 push presses [2x20#]
    • 45 bodyweight squats 

    Finish with 1/4 mile run.

    Time 26:59

    Dessert was 3 rounds of 30 reps of situps on the GHD [glute ham developer]. I'm concerned about being able to get out of bed tomorrow.



    CrossFit 2010-12-15

    Jarrod's Triplet


    • Hang power clean [40 kg]
    • Burpees
    • Knees to elbows

    Time 19:27

    Last time 15:40