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Holger Danske

Holger Danske

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    CrossFit 2010-02-02

    Tonight was an AMRAP [As Many Rounds As Possible]

    20 minutes


    • 10 Super burpees [8#]
    • 15 Prone rows [8#] double count
    • 20 Squats
    • Bearclaws [20 yards]

    I made 4 rounds in 20 minutes.



    Olympic Weightlifting

    I forgot to mention that John offers the Olympic Weightlifting class at the end of each month at Summit Health and Fitness. Go take it!


    CrossFit 2010-01-30

    Today I attended an Olympic weightlifting seminar at Summit Health and Fitness offered by John Tuitele. It was an absolute blast. I may change my tune tomorrow, John warned me that I'm going to be epically sore. However, at least for the moment it was worth it. It just felt very satisfying to learn the techniques of Olympic weightlifting. 

    I am of course a complete newbie here, and I have much more to learn. I plan on doing plenty more, My back and knee felt great afterwards, even though most of the rest of me hurt, so I see this as a good sign that I can pursue this kind of training with my existing injuries. I would recommend this to almost anyone who is interested in gaining strength. 


    Fear the Boom and Bust

    I'm currently reading a biography of Keynes for review, so I found this pretty funny. I am gaining more respect for Keynes, because I really knew nothing about him; Keynes name was mostly used as an epithet in my experience.

    h/t Edward Feser


    Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do


    CrossFit 2010-01-28

    I did something strenous and logical in honor of St. Thomas.

    Top Deck Lunge

    3 rounds

    • 40 yard lunge lap
    • 20-15-10 pullups
    • 40-30-20 russian twists (10#)

    Time 15:40

    My knee is still a little off, so the lunge laps were perhaps a bit slow.


    St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

    Do something logical in his honor.

    Some Thomistic Quotes:

    1. Beware the man of one book.

    2. It is better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.

    3. By nature all men are equal in liberty, but not in other endowments.

    4. If to provide itself with a king belongs to the right of a given multitude, it is not unjust that the king be deposed or have his power reduced by that same multitude if, becoming a tyrant, he abuses his royal power. 
    (On Kingship, I:6) 

    5. We marvel at something when, seeing an effect, we do not know the cause.  And since one and the same cause is at times known to certain people and not to others, it happens that some marvel and some do not.  
    (On the truth of the catholic faith against the gentiles) 

    6. Since Holy Scripture can be explained in a multiplicity of senses, one should adhere to a particular explanation only in such measure as to be ready to abandon it, if it be proved with certainty to be false; lest Holy Scripture be exposed to the ridicule of unbelievers, and obstacles be placed to their believing. 


    50 dangerous things you should let your kids do

    50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

    Book website

    The Magistra sent me a video by the author of this book a year ago. You should watch it. Now, go out and buy his extended book length treatment of the same subject. I'm planning on using a gift card I got for my birthday from the Family Social Scientist for this book.

    h/t Tom


    What to Expect from Investment Bankers

    Very little, really. I added the Epicurean Dealmaker to the blogroll a while back, but I didn't say much about the site. Here is an excellent bit of a recent post:

    By happy coincidence, I enjoyed a quiet morning in the office this past Wednesday free of client obligations. I took advantage of my liberty to view a good chunk of the televised testimony of Messrs. Blankfein, Dimon, Mack, and What's-his-name on C-SPAN. I have to admit that I too was underwhelmed by the bankers' grasp of and ability to explain the recent crisis. At one point, for example, Commissioner Johnson asked Jamie Dimon why the financial industry had attracted so many bright and talented individuals away from other, presumably more productive pursuits. The lackadaisical and uninformative reply Mr. Dimon returned revealed in stark detail a critical fact: he neither knew nor cared to know the answer.

    And this example cuts to the heart of the matter: it's not his job to know such things.

    Recently, there have been three very good posts on the recent financial meltdown. In a different world, I might have tried to take my physics education to Wall St. I am however unsuited to the job, still having my soul. There but for the grace of God go I. Thankfully, the Dealmaker has repented of his role in the rape of Main Street, and provides commentary as a public service.

    If you want to know something about the world of finance, head over and check out the Epicurean Dealmaker. Here are the three good posts I just read today:


    Real Education hyperlinked references

    Seems like I am always referencing Charles Murray and Real Education. I remember reading a review of Real Education that complained that Murray could easily have provided a website that had all his hyperlinked references in it, but did not. So, I started a page with just those references on it. I put it on the right sidebar under Education. I often find that I need them, so this is entirely self-interested. I'm up through Chapter 2 now, more to come.