Shock Top Belgian White Beer Review

Shock Top Belgian White

Belgian White [Type 4] 5.2% ABV

The key descriptors for a Belgian white are light and refreshing. This beer is both. It has a strong orange flavor, created by using orange rinds during the brewing process. Cloudy, with a nice white head on the pour. Orange color (fitting). Sweet on the front of the tongue. Nice spices, not overwhelming, just enough to let you know they are there. The spices give the beer a nice finish.


This is a great summer beer. I've been very happy drinking this beer recently when I felt like I was in a beer rut. I love drinking seasonal beer, it allows me to exercise my palate and keep my beer drinking from settling down into monotony. Shock Top seems to be expanding their market recently. I find it newly on tap more and more often. Good for them.

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