Corsendonk Pater Dubbel

Corsendonk Pater Dubbel

Corsendonk Brown AleAbbey Style Brown Ale 7.5% ABV

Ahh, sweet nectar of life! This is the one, the Belgian that I first drank, and fell in love with. Rich and thick, it has a good body without being too heavy, unless you let it get too warm. Possessed of a deep red-brown color that accurately advertises its maltiness, it can sustain you when times are difficult. Has that typical combination of sweet/sour that characterizes all belgians.

You can find the same beer marketed under different names, since as I noted in the Corsendonk Agnus Trippel review, this beer is abbey-style, made by Du Bocq rather than actual monks. I love it just the same. Now if I could only convince the Bishop of Phoenix to set some monks to brewing beer....


One of my all time favorite beers. Nuff said.